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Sumcheck 201

Application of Graph Methods for Efficient Quotient Polynomial Evaluation in Halo2

Fast Danksharding Video & Slides

Recap: ZK Capture the Flag

Introducing Blaze: ZK Acceleration for FPGA

Hardware Review: GPUs , FPGAs and Zero Knowledge Proofs

RISC Zero Prover Protocol & Analysis

ZK Hardware Table Stakes part 1 -MSM

Unleashing Secure AI

Fast Danksharding using ICICLE

Introducing ICICLE: An Open-Source GPU Library for Zero Knowledge Acceleration

A Brief History of Lookup Arguments

How Zero-Knowledge Proofs Will Change Gaming Forever

Intro to ECNTT from Starkware Sessions 2023

Deep Dive into the Sumcheck Protocol with Justin Thaler

Multi-Precision Fast Modular Multiplication

Hardware-friendliness of HyperPlonk

Zero Knowledge Proofs and the Metaverse

The Z Games: Pushing ZK Provers to the Extreme

Goldilocks NTT Trick

Down the Rabbit Hole: Optimizing AWS F1 Direct Memory Access (DMA)

Sparkworks - Native Hardware Acceleration in Arkworks

NTT Mini: Exploring Winograd’s Heuristic for Faster NTT

Marlin & Me: A Deep Dive into the Heart of the Marlin ZK Protocol

Bridging the Multichain Universe with Zero Knowledge Proofs

Systemization of Knowledge: ZK-Friendly Hash Functions

HackerNoon: Using Cloud-ZK for Developing ZKP Acceleration in the Cloud

Cloud-ZK: A Toolkit for Developing ZKP Acceleration in the Cloud

HackerNoon: Lowering the Barrier of Entry to Zero Knowledge Proofs

A Mathematical Theory of Danksharding

PipeMSM: Hardware Acceleration for Multi-Scalar Multiplication

Fast Modular Multiplication

Ingopedia: A Repo for all things ZK

Poseidon-Hash Repository

Polygon’s zkEVM Fun Facts

Introducing Ingonyama