Zero Knowledge Proofs

Curated Resources

Our curated resources consist of carefully selected, links, linktrees and other almanacs like “Ingopedia”. These resources are aimed at helping users access high-quality information in a quick and efficient manner.

Video Lecture Series

Our Video lecture series on ZK proofs offers in-depth and engaging presentations that cover the fundamentals and advanced topics of zero-knowledge proofs. These lectures are designed to educate and inform a wide range of audiences, and will contain series of videos on ZKP’s various concepts.


Our articles on ZK proofs are comprehensive and educational pieces that delve into the intricacies of zero-knowledge proofs. They consist of blogs, articles, PDFs, and notes. These articles aim to provide a clear understanding of this cutting-edge technology, its used-case applications, its vulnerabilities and its significance.

Hands on ZK

Our hands-on approach to learning ZK proofs provides interactive and practical training experiences that allow participants to build their skills and knowledge in an engaging way. These hands-on workshops, tutorials, and projects are designed to help learners apply their understanding of ZK proofs in real-world situations, making them an invaluable resource for anyone looking to further their expertise in this field.


Our collection of mathematical papers, protocols, and code on ZK proofs is a comprehensive resource for researchers, developers, and students in the field of cryptography. These materials provide a deep understanding of the theories, implementations, and practical applications of zero-knowledge proofs, serving as a valuable reference for anyone interested in this cutting-edge technology.


The resources on the mathematics behind ZK proofs delve into the complex theories and mathematical concepts that underpin this intive technology. These resources are intended for those with a strong background in mathematics, or those looking to deepen their understanding of the mathematical foundations of zero-knowledge proofs and their applications.